Not Many Can Say They Have SOLD 1000 Homes...
The Hans Ohrstrom Team Can Now Say They Have!

The Hans Ohrstrom team has accomplished what many teams cannot claim, 1000 Sold Homes! Please browse the comments below from our team members that have helped achieve this great milestone! If you would like to be part of our team as we continue to sell our next 1000 Homes, we would love to hear from you!

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Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SAHAND ENAMZADEH

It is Amazing and clearly demonstrates that there is a dead serious plan behind this. Reaching 1000 sold while I know we were not as many agent as current, states that you know what you are doing.

I have been working in engineering environments for more than decade both in Iran and Canada, so I am numbers and schedules!!!! I believe that you hammered this many times! It wasn't possible to get to this point if you wouldn't have seen this point back then when you started this.

Congratulations to you and the best team.

Please keep giving people hope and trust and help them to build their fortunes as you have done in this 7 years.

Thank you

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - CHRIS MIRZAJANI

Hi Lovely

It is such an amazing achievement. It shows that we have a very strong brand.


Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SAM EHSANI

That's truly astonishing!!!!!

Even Thinking of selling 1000 of homes is Mind-Blowing.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SHANT DEMERJI


Congratulation to Hans Ohrstrom and power team for the 1000 sold milestone!! A force to be reckoned with!! Thousands more to come!!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - YARO KAZYMYRSKIY

I think that's fantastic. Let's put add another 0 to that 1000. Banked hours work ;)

Next level

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - FAITH DARVISH

I think 1000 SOLD is FANTASTIC - Congratulations Hans Ohrstrom - GO TEAM GOOOO

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - CIP DUMITRASCU

I am so impressed with this team, I am honestly honoured to be part of what can only be described as the best team in the world! This number not only did not come as a surprise, I think it will double, triple and then quadruple faster than we can imagine!

I am so grateful to Hans & Sandra for giving me the opportunity of being part of this team 6 years ago, what was then a 16 year old with no experience is now a 22 year old with his own team, a ton of experience, an amazing career filled with happiness and excitement.

Incredible work by every single team member, admin, office staff & of course Hans!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - ELENA BARYSHNIKOVA

It's Fantastic, I am truly happy to work with such a Professional Real Estate Team.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - LADAN TALATI

This is an incredible number!!! Being part of this amazing team with the best team leader makes me be so proud!!!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - FERASS SELWA

Incredible dam that's beyond belief congratulations to Hans and the team.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SHOAIB HAKEMI

Working with such an amazing Team "Hans Ohrstrom's Team" gives me the opportunity to fulfill my wishes that I had for years. What I have accomplished by joining this team as an agent other agents with years of experience cannot accomplish.

Thanks allot for all the support and looking forward for doing thousands of deals together..

Go team go!!!!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - CLAUIDNE HAU

Congratulations Hans!!

The only reason that you were able to achieve these incredible numbers was because you know how to build an effective team environment. You're training model exceeded all of my expectations and your team structure is brilliant. The fact that you are not afraid to spend money on marketing and compensate your team with incentives, is extremely motivating and great for the team moral. Moreover, your whole mind set is very motivating.

You are an amazing leader and I am so glad that I joined your team!

P.s. a couple at my open house yesterday couldn't get over how many houses we have on the market. Yup... Hans has taken over the entire market! I have been hearing this a lot

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SHIRIN MANJILI

That is incredible and amazing and all the other adjectives to describe this truly extraordinary achievement. I am beyond excited to be part of this team and I hope to contribute massively to all the good stuff coming our way. :)

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - IRWIN NANDA

1000 SOLDS is amazing but it doesn't just happen. It has to come from a plan and vision. That comes from Hans.

I remember when I met him approximately 4 years ago on the team vacation for those agents who achieved 12 sales in a year. I was the guest of one of the agents.

At that time there was 6 agents on the team. But at a dinner Hans outlined his plan and vision and that was to make his team number one and grow the team.

Well everything he said he was going to do and planned for he did.

Agents would have their own territories and teams under them. Goal accomplished 6 agents to 50 agents goal accomplished !

Would increases SOLDS year after year to record breaking years. In three short years reached 1000 SOLDS. Goal accomplished !

Made me want to be a real estate agent. Goal accomplished.!

All this is because of Hans

But I know he is not done yet. He has bigger and better plans for our team.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - MOHAMMAD REZA PIRAYESH

That's amazing. Marvelous.

Top Awards always comes from working hard. Good training, active team members, having plan based on goals are the most issues in this brokerage which are always responded to.

I'm so pleased working with the team who I think is the best which I have ever seen. Their experience is my road map to reach success.

Thank you Team and Great Thanks Hans. Congratulations Hans!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SUZANNE HALL

Very positive

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SOLMAZ HAKIMI

It never crossed my mind how many deals we have done so far! When I saw the post on BMM I was so happy to see that result!!!! It's absolutely incredible and beyond expectations!

I'm so proud to be part of Hans Ohrstrom team!!!

Big achievement! Not every agent or team can do that! Best leader! Best mentor!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - NAVEED KHAN

Feeling very happy to be part of this team, big achievement of selling 1000 homes, it's all because of Hans continual training and positivity of team members

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - MILAD AHMADIAN

That's amazing! Proud to be part of this fantastic team

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - MARC VANZANT

Over one thousand houses sold in just a few short years is no surprise with how extensive the training and marketing really are. At this pace, it looks like we'll be on pace to have sold ONE BILLION dollars worth of Real Estate by the end of next year! We already have a marketing system that no one can complete with, and are constantly breaking records - I'm very excited to be part of reaching the 1 billion mark, and doing so along with such great people.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - ELENA KOMBAROV

Thank you for creating this team!!! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to know you. Hans Ohrstrom is the BEST!!!!!

I am really love our team!!! One thought kept recurring in my mind: that you are an incredible group of people.

Here is a bright, passionate group who are willing to share their expertise and collaborate on something truly worthwhile.

Go Team Go!!!!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - LEILI RAHIMI

I would like to express a massive congratulations on your remarkable success. As you always mention; working hard pays off and here you go , you've achieved the big goal "1000".

As a proud member of your team, I'm learning so many lessons from you every day , and I admit you are my mentor.

Hans keep being awesome.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - LINDA DEMERJI

Good morning FAY, I'm very proud being part of a team who is the # 1 in entire York region. 1000 sold it's just a beginning of a higher number just because our team is always in the process of adapting new trend and the market needs and wants. Its a forever young team, just because we have a great leader who doesn't stop, he always fallow everything that makes our team succeed. Hans Ohrstrom you're a great leader, an excellent teacher and our team leaders have been the proof of it!

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - NINA BONAKDAR

Dear Hans,

Your sales record is very impressive. I know these things do not happen without a great deal of effort and such performance does not go unnoticed.

I know you always convey these compliments to your entire team and staff for exceeding their goals for the last couple of years.

I am fortunate to have such an energetic, talented and supportive leader and I want you to know how much I appreciate to be part of your team!

Thank you

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - ANNA SHIRAZI

Feel very proud to be part of a team that has helped over 1,000 people in their real estate dreams! Such impressive numbers could only be accomplished on the basis of great trust, respect and loyalty from our fantastic clients and communities.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - SORIN FINATAN

It is definitely a great achievement. Something any team would be proud of.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - MICHAEL DOLZHYKOV

I think its great, I think its fantastic.
Can't believe we broke a 1000 SOLDS
Our first thousand and more to go :)
Cheers for The best team ever!!! GO! GO! GO

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - MELROY COELHO

Hi! Fay

1000 SOLD Amazing, love the some of the sold in the remote location and see the distance we went.

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - NILOUFAR FADAVI

Hi! Fay

Im really glad to be part of this Fantastic team and truly grateful for this great achievement

Hans Ohrstrom Team Review From - MARIA ZARETCHNEV

It feels amazing to be part of such a successful team. I am grateful to be able to associate myself with this powerful, strong and reputable brand. Being part of this team gives me great pleasure and reassurance, it allows me to look at the successful agents on the team and realize that it could be my reality. "Nobody said it was going to be easy, they said it would be worth it." This team has all the right tools to train you for the bumpy road ahead. The support received from the team members is very encouraging and motivating. I am very happy to be able to enjoy the benefits of being part of the team and hope to continue contributing to future success of our team.